JBMS Update -Term 4 Starts Monday!


Dear Jabish Brook Middle School Students, Staff, Parents & Guardians-

It is April! Happy Spring!  All classroom teachers will be closing grades for the third term, and we will begin our fourth and final term of the school year on Monday, April 5th!  To our students, parents and guardians, our guidance department has once again restructured our two building schedules (hybrid and remote) to accommodate our reopening on April 28th.

Please review fourth term schedules in PowerSchool for Monday, April 5th. While most all core classes will be the same, and fourth term Specials classes will change, there may be some additional minor scheduling changes for a very few number of students.  We have done everything in our power to reduce and prevent any significant scheduling changes whenever possible. While the hybrid schedule design offered twelve seats per classroom, our reopening design will only accommodate twenty students per classroom at 3 feet distancing.  Since we have been filling classrooms to capacity in the hybrid design, we may now need to make minor adjustments to the combined class size. 

We have scheduled academic support for students who have been struggling academically in certain areas, and our teachers have developed a number of creative ways to help support students as we work our way back to the classroom full time.  We hope to get kids moving, and get them outside as much as possible during the warmer spring months, in both regular classes and with our specials rotation. We have cleared out our assembly room, and returned it to the original design of a music assembly, in order for students to play instruments in band and sing in chorus with specially designed masking at ten foot distancing. We are taking every precaution and working to plan out every detail with the reopening plan. 

We hope that by making these scheduling adjustments now in advance of April 28th, we will have a couple weeks to work out any kinks or problems.  New desks will arrive to increase our lunch seating in the cafeteria and gymnasium.  I will be posting and announcing updates over the next two weeks, and hope to have all information finalized prior to the April school vacation week as we approach our reopening on April 28th. There will be a number of new details on our morning and afternoon drop off/pick up procedures, as well as new video postings of the building and classroom locations. We want to make sure everyone is aware of these changes as soon as possible, especially for our students entering the building for the first time. 

As always, please let me know if there are any specific questions or concerns. Term 3 Report Cards will be issued on April 12th. Enjoy the three-day weekend! 

Thomas K. Ruscio, Principal