Personalized Learning at CHCS

Personalized learning seeks to accelerate student learning by enabling the teacher to tailor the instructional environment - what, when, how, and where students learn - to address the individual needs, skills, and interests of each student.  Throughout Chestnut Hill Community School, we are working towards creating more personalized learning opportunities for all students.  In line with this commitment, five of our sixth grade teachers (Darlene Piedade, Mike Berg, Amy Nedeau, Laura Anderman, and Layne Raczkowski) have received specific, comprehensive training on personalized learning and during the 2017-2018 school year are participating in our first Personalized Learning Pilot program.   In this program, students learn how to set personal goals and determine what they need to do in order to achieve those goals.   They meet one-to-one with a teacher mentor and have the opportunity to take ownership over their learning.  The training and support for this initiative is provided by the Summit Learning Program, with whom we have partnered alongside hundreds of other schools across the country.  

Personalized Learning Pilot Vision:

Empower all students to take ownership of their learning by developing the skills, knowledge, and habits which enable each individual to realize and achieve their full potential.   

Personalized Learning Resources:

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