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The School Council is a representative body of parents, community members, teachers, and administration from CHCS who meet monthly to discuss topics pertinent to the school.  The School Council assists the Principal in the following:

  1. Adopting educational goals for the school that are consistent with local educational policies and statewide student performance standards
  2. Identifying the educational needs of students attending the school
  3. Reviewing the annual school building budget
  4. Formulating a school improvement plan.

All meetings are open to the public and are held in the CHCS Library. 

Meeting Agenda   Meeting Minutes
September 18, 2023 September Minutes
October 23, 2023 

MCAS Presentation

October Minutes
November 20, 2023 November Minutes
January 22, 2024 January Minutes
February 26, 2024 February Minutes
March 25, 2024 March Minutes
April 22, 2024 April Minutes
May 20, 2024 May Minutes

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