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Before your child enters Kindergarten, a vision screening is done by your primary health care provider or personnel approved by the DPH and trained in vision screening techniques.

This is done within 12 months prior to entering Kindergarten. 

Machines are not used at the Kindergarten age level.

The acuity standard for children 4 years and older is 20/30.

There are 2 components of this visual screening:  visual acuity and stereopsis.

Hearing screenings are completed as part of our Kindergarten Screening process held prior to entering Kindergarten. 
The audiometer is used for hearing screening and tests frequencies of 1000, 2000, and 4000 hertz.
During the school year at any time the teacher has any concern with your child’s vision and/or hearing, they will be sent for a recheck screening at my office.  If your child isn’t able to pass the recommended screening, you will be sent a referral form for your eye/ear specialist to complete.  If you misplace this referral form, you can download it from the Health Forms link.

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