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Screenings are a useful tool for finding potential health problems which might interfere with learning.  As with any testing, there can be some false negatives and/or positives.  Occasionally a child will screen poorly at school and do fine in the doctor’s office.  Sometimes children will pass a screening at school only to show up with a problem later.  School screenings don’t test for every potential problem, so if you still feel that there may be a problem, don’t hesitate to consult with your child’s doctor.






In accordance with M.G.L. c71, s57, all students in Grade 7 will have screenings for vision, hearing, heights and weights performed. All parents will receive BMI results; only failed vision and/or hearing results will be mailed home.


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All students in grades 5 through 9 have postural screening.  If a parent/student refuses to have this done at school, written documentation must be provided by your physician and submitted to the School Nurse. The state does not waive this mandate.
The Physical Education staff conducts the screenings. If any child is found to have an abnormality in their spine, the child is rescreened by the School Nurse.   Referrals will be mailed home if your child needs  to be followed up by his/her pediatrician.

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