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Nov 9, 2023

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It’s that time of year!!  The JBMS PTO is co-sponsoring a gift card fundraiser to benefit the Grade 8 Washington DC Trip group expenses. 

Are you usually one that gives gift cards to others during the holiday or for birthdays? Perhaps you’re getting a head start on planning a vacation, or order often from Amazon.com. Many of our students like to walk to Dunkin after school, check out the Dunkin gift cards! Regardless of your need, any gift card you purchase gives a percentage of the purchase back for trip t-shirts, snacks and drinks for the bus ride, and other group expenses for the Grade 8 Washington DC Trip. 

Check out the 750+ brands to choose from: Brands List

Click the link below to create an account and start shopping! 


📲 We highly encourage you to share this link with your family and friends, and post on social media. 

📫 You will have the option to have the gift cards shipped directly to you, or to the school for distribution. If an order is sent to the school, please make sure family and friends designate the student to be given the order!


Interested in volunteering to coordinate other fundraising activities for the DC trip? Please join the JBMS DC trip coordinators and Admin at JBMS on November 20th at 6:00PM in the Library!

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