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Chromebooks…What Are They?

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A Chromebook is a device that is similar to a laptop.  It is lightweight, elegant, very user-friendly, and affordable (commonly priced under $250).

Chromebooks are computers that primarily use Google web browsing and document manipulation including, but not limited to, access to e-mail, Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google Slides, Google Calendar, and much more. 

Chromebooks are used throughout the Belchertown Public Schools for students to access their documents and files. Students will also be able to connect with teachers through Google Classroom, an application designed for assignment posting, assignment submission, and additional classroom utilities.

If you’re considering buying a device for your student in order to assist with their education, we recommend a Chromebook, but it is not required. Students who do not own a Chromebook will be provided with Chrome technology for in-school use. 

Belchertown Public Schools supports Chrome technology, but holds no preference over the brand of Chromebook used.


If you wish to learn more about Chrome OS and the Chromebook, please watch the two videos below:

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