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Medication Administration in School Setting

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Medication that will be administered at school must have a written order on file from your child’s licensed prescriber,  and the parental/guardian permission form. The medication that will be administered must be brought in by a responsible adult, in the original pharmacy labeled container, and given to your child’s school nurse. The licensed prescriber’s order must be renewed in the beginning of each academic year, and as necessary with any medication changes within the school year.

If your child requires any medication to be given at school, please click on appropriate forms below, complete the paperwork, and make arrangements to meet with your child’s school nurse.


Students are not allowed to carry medication on their person with the exceptions (Inhalers, Insulin and Epipens). In order for a student to self-carry any medications, the physician, the parent, and school nurse must deem the student capable of self-administration.  However, the student must demonstrate to the school nurse the competency of self-administration and adequate knowledge of their disease/or condition. The school nurse has the final decision regarding a child’s self-administration and will be responsible for determining whether the medication to be self administered falls within the parameters of the medication policy.

Narcotics will not be kept in school.  Any student requiring narcotics should remain home.

Please note that the school nurse is not present during before- or after-school programs.

Parents must pick up all medications at their child’s school by noon on the last day of school or make arrangements with your child’s school nurse for another pick up date and time

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