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The MSBA’s grant program for school building construction and renovation projects is a non-entitlement competitive program. The MSBA’s Board of Directors approves grants based on need and urgency as expressed by the City, Town, Regional School District or independent agricultural and technical school and validated by the MSBA. Once the MSBA Board of Directors invites a District to participate in the MSBA’s grant program, the District and the MSBA work together, in a collaborative process, as outlined below.

MSBA Building Process

The MSBA has prepared detailed modules which outline the process and policies for each of the steps mentioned above. For an overview of these modules, click here.

Educational Facilities Planning

The MSBA recognizes the importance of Educational Planning on the planning, design, and construction of adaptable designs that are responsive to the needs of teaching and learning now while providing future flexibility to accommodate changes in learning environments and delivery methods during the useful life of the school. To support districts and educators in the exploration, of concepts and options for proposed projects, the MSBA offers resources which may prove helpful in initiating local discussions regarding current educational programming and potential improvements that could be realized as part of a proposed project.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Product and Cost Information

The MSBA has prepared the following information to assist districts with viewing and understanding Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF+E) cost and product information from recently completed schools. Districts and other officials are encouraged to view these documents, prior to planning and procuring Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment.\

The MSBA has prepared the following information to gauge and track the progress of SOIs that have been invited into the MSBA’s Capital Pipeline, and to provide general cost data on projects in the design and construction phases:

Project Advisories

In addition, the MSBA anticipates issuing project advisories from time to time as informational updates for Districts, Owner’s Project Managers (OPMs) and Designers in an effort to facilitate the efficient and effective administration of proposed projects currently pending review by the MSBA and/or projects with an agreed upon Project Scope and Budget Agreement or Project Funding Agreement. These advisories will be posted in the Project Advisories section of this website.

MSBA Reimbursement

State and Federal Incentives

Cost Breakdown

Click here to see the proposed 3011 Total Project Budget Form for Jabish Brook Middle School Project



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