14 Maple Street
P.O. Box 841
Belchertown MA 01007


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Welcome to the district homepage of the Belchertown Public Schools’ web site.  Belchertown is located in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, has one of the largest land areas in the Commonwealth, and borders part of the Quabbin Reservoir, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in the country. Belchertown is considered a “semi-rural” community with scenic landscape, with an estimated population of approximately 14,000. We have approximately 2600 students enrolled in five schools.


Belchertown Public Schools’ Mission Statement

The mission of the Belchertown Public Schools is to ensure that every student meets with success every day. To that end, we pledge to ensure that we have rigorous, standards-based curriculum; instruction designed to meet the needs of diverse learners in every classroom; and access to the global learning community via state-of-the-art technology in schools that are communities of respect and civility for all.



Strategic Plan Goals, 2011-2015

Goal #1: To have guaranteed (standards-based and implemented by all), viable (doable and accessible to every student), seamless K-12 curriculum in every content area.

Goal #2: To have rigorous (standards-based), relevant (grounded in 21st Century skills), differentiated instructional practices with the ability to access the global learning community via technology available to every learner.

Goal #3: To implement a plan to ensure that our students understand the importance of acceptance, tolerance, and respect supported by all adults in the community.



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